Why Bar Hop in Lansing?

Lansing is an amazing city with much to offer to those who enjoy a good party. With trendy hotspots popping up everywhere you look and a college-town vibrancy that can't be denied, a night out in Lansing is sure to result in some great memories to look back on.

Bar hopping is always a fun event, but even moreso in a city that caters to a wide group of interests. We're certain that you'll enjoy sampling all of the best beer, wine, cocktails and spirits found in the area, as there are always high quality establishments to visit here.

What Types of Bars are there?

You'll find something for everybody to enjoy here in Lansing, whether it's a Comedy Club, Night Club, Dive Bar, Winery, Brewery, Strip Club, Sports Bar, Piano Bar, or whatever it is you have in mind. If you can think of it, it's in Lansing.

Be sure to take a look through all of the options we've provided for you here. We've scoured local reviews, asked residents where their favorite places to party are, and then came up with the list that you'll see here. These establishments are certainly tried and true!

How Do We Get There?

We've put together a fantastic option for those who like to travel in style and comfort for their bar hopping adventures in Lansing. Check out our transportation tab at the top of the page for even more information on how to make your night great.

Remember, driving yourself around the streets of Lansing after bar hopping isn't the safest or even a legal way to travel. Be sure to think as smart as possible when it comes to your mode of bar hopping transportation. We're sure that you'll enjoy our professional suggestions!